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Persian Tribal Rugs is a retailer of old and new Persian rugs, runners, kilims, gabbehs, ceramics and tribal artefacts (nomadic saddlebags, cushions, etc). These come mainly from Iran where each region or city is known for a specific type of traditional design, offering a rich variety of patterns and textures.

All hand-knotted in soft wool and some embellished with silk, no two rugs are identical.

Before placing an order please contact us for assistance in confirming your choice! 

Questions about the colour, texture or other quality of any rug shown here? – Feel free to call us at any time.

Our customers get free UK delivery and we have a generous returns policy too.

In our spacious showrooms we have over 3000 Persian rugs individually chosen by Mr Farhad Erfan for their unique design, quality and durability. These include: Balouch, Bijar, Isfahan, Moud, Nain, Tabriz, Qashqai, Sarouk, Yalameh and Ziegler. All of the pieces are unique and hand-knotted, some of them are classed as fine, with silk highlights, others are less densely woven with a more 'nomadic' or 'rustic' look. By importing directly, Persian Tribal Rugs offers you the most economical prices, suitable for any pocket.

We also stock a selection of rare pieces.